4 Best Complete Skateboards For Beginners Of All Ages

A lot of folks these days are trying out skateboarding. Some are doing it to deal with global inflation and rising fuel prices. Others are doing it for social reasons. For example, to connect with communities of hobbyists to make up for the lack of social interaction during initial waves of pandemic. However, many beginners do not want to assemble a skateboard by themselves. Until you feel comfortable enough with your skill set and knowledge about skateboards, do not experiment with installing skateboard components. 

Buying a skateboard complete is easy but finding a good one skateboard isn`t. There is no such thing as the best skateboard. It`s because it all depends on your likes and preferences. Also, there is no point in paying for expensive pro-grade components at the beginner stage. Sure, the quality is good, but you do not need them at the beginner level.  

I have twelve years of skateboarding experience and the list of complete skateboards I am sharing is personally tested by me. The complete skateboards listed here may be suitable as gifts to beginners, such as the kids in your family or someone who needs some outdoor activity.

1. Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete

The first skateboard in the list is Retrospec Alameda is a 7-play maple wood deck. I gifted this skateboard to my nephew and showed him a trick or two on it. So far there is no visible chipping at the tail.

The pop on this board is amazing. It has a weight limit of around 220 lbs and would go to 16 to 19 feet in one push, depending on the age. It comes with 92A bushings.

Although wheel hardness is subjective, in my opinion, a durometer rating of 95A is medium but my nephew considers it hard, so I had to change them for him. 

Use an Exacto knife or box cutter to unbox the board without difficulty. However, bothering yourself with removing the plastic from under the trucks is a waste of time. The only way of removing it is by taking off the trucks. But be careful because it's an advance skill and you might screw it up.

Retrospec Alameda skateboard complete has 7" trucks and 52mm diameter and 32mm wide. These trucks come loose out of the box. For beginners, it is best to tighten your trucks to avoid wheel bites and speed wobble. Just don`t tighten it too much or the board won`t turn. When ordering Retrospec Alameda complete skateboard for beginners, also buy a skate-tool, also referred to as T-tool. 

2. Powell Peralta Complete Ripper Silver 

Powell Peralta complete is the best skateboard for beginners who are also into graphics. This skateboard complete comes with 53mm wheels of 90A grade. This is not too hard for beginners. This also means that these are great for commuting and skatepark riding.

Like I said earlier, get a skate tool when ordering a skateboard. Powell Peralta complete comes with loose bushings so that you may tighten it later according to your likings. 

I often refer to this to beginners because, first, the graphics on it are dope! This is a classic street board. One thing I don`t like about it is the peculiar trucks shipped with this complete skateboard for beginners.  

Powell is a classic 80`s brand that has some nostalgia attached to it. For this reason, I am also recommending this board to those who want to take up skateboarding again. This board comes in a 7.5" wide size that should be enough for most adults. It's a sturdy board made of hard yellow birch and water-resistant glue.

The pop on this board is amazing but some of you might feel some difficulty in performing an ollie, and consequently some tricks. But it is not too hard, so you won`t be stuck at it for longer than a day or two. If you have practiced on a different board or used to skate when you were young, you`ll get a hang of it within an hour of riding.

3. CCS Complete                                           

This plain complete skateboard comes with premium components. It's a great 7-ply maple that is sturdy and has lots of pop. Recommended for all ages of beginner level.It`s a decent skateboard for beginners in such a price range. CCS is a reputable brand and many shop owners will tell you good things about it. It`s especially a good deal since they ship it with a skate-tool.

 The things I did not like about this plain complete skateboard was the bearings.Trucks are alright but do not put them into too much. They`ll break after some months if you are merciless about your grind curbs, stairs, and hard impacts. Also, this CCS board has a limit of around 190 lbs since the bushings are soft. But that`s me, nothing to worry about regarding this board when you are a beginner. It`ll last you for more than enough time.


4. SANTA CRUZ Classic Dot Full Sk8 Completes

Santa Cruz classic is a lightweight 7-ply birch deck with cast aluminum trucks and comes with 95a wheels. Super affordable and has a lot of pop to it. Although the concave is not that much, according to my taste. But it's okay because it should not matter that much at the beginner level.If you are a sucker for graphics, then buy the above-mentioned Powell because this one comes in solid colors. However, you can get a custom graphic since it's basically a canvas on wheels.

The components are all OG Santa Cruz manufactured. And this is the best part because I love how well all the components are tuned with each other. No need to spend an extra buck for anything. Adding to that, this skateboard for beginners comes with high quality grip tape and oil lubricant for bearings. Basically it`s an unbox and skate.

This board has a smooth feel to it. Great for minimal uneven surfaces if you want to commute and great for skateparks. I did some flat ground ollies on it and did not feel any problem doing it. 

Final Verdict

This is list does not include any skateboard for beginners which I have purchased. Every board mentioned here has been tested by me and I have deliberately kept many beginners skateboards out of this list because they just won`t last even beginners. I hope this guide helped you in not just selecting your first skateboard but also gave you some useful information. Good luck skating!

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