Best Phone Controllers

What is a Phone Controller

            Cloud gaming services like the NVIDIA Ge-force Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming have brought mobile gaming to the front of the line.  Playing AAA console games on your mobile device makes that thing in your pocket a mini console.  That also means that your going to need a controller to match the power that cloud gaming gives you.

A phone controller acts like a middleman between your device and your hands.  The look and feel of console controllers turns your phone into an actual gaming rig.  Complete with the look and feel of a dedicated console set up.  With graphics on current gen mobile devices being what they are you almost don’t know your playing on your phone.

Why You Need a Phone Controller

            You can play games without a phone controller.  The games built for them come with their own control scheme.  The added look and feel of actual console controllers is what turns a mobile device into a gaming system.  The difference between using on-screen controls and mounted controls is the fact that you don’t need to put your fingers all over the screen.

What to Look for in a Phone Controller


            The mobile phone industry is split between several major companies.  That makes compatibility one of the biggest issues with mobile gaming.  You either have an Android device or an iPhone, and other companies are also trying to enter the mobile device race.  Making sure that your controller works with your phone is rule number one.

            Types of Games

            The next thing you are going to have to contend with is what type of gamer you are.  There are three styles of controller.  Microsoft has their style of controller and where the buttons are.  So does Nintendo and Sony, they both have also has kept their buttons in the same general locations.  So you will need to figure out the type of console games you are use to and select a controller based on that.

            Side Mounted or Top Mounted

            In general there are two types of mounts when it comes to phone controllers.  There is the side mounted version that clamps the phone between your hands.  There is also the top mounted version that has the phone standing on top of the actual controller.  Depending on how you want your view to be this is an important factor.

Razer Kishi

            This side mounted beauty works with both iOS and Android and requires no charging.  It has USB pass-through so you can play without end.  It is very compact when not in use so you can easily put it in your pocket for later.  It uses the XBox control scheme so it is easy to understand and your hands will already be use to the controller.

Razer Junglecat

            Another Razer stand out is the Jungle Cat which has a Nintendo Switch design.  It also is side mounted and very small.  It has a 100 Hour battery life so you don’t need to charge it every day.  Being able to play with a Nintendo switch designed control scheme is one of the best reasons for this model of Razer.

Razer Raiju

            If you are looking for one of the best phone mounted controllers from Razer then the Raiju is what you will end up with.  It has a 23 Hour battery life so be ready for that.  The controller also works with PC games and that is one of the Raiju major benefits.  It is a full size controller and that is also one of the biggest benefits.

Backbone One

            The Backbone One is an Official XBox controller for your mobile device.  It comes with special features such as the pause button and a screenshot button.  Naturally it has an XBox controller set up but is side mounted instead of being a full controller.  This version only works with iOS at the moment.  It has USB pass-through so you don’t need to worry about battery life.  The added headphone jack allows for quiet gaming.

Rotor Riot

            If you are willing to go for a wired controller in order to help out battery life then the Rotor Riot could be what you are looking for.  It is compatible with iOS and Android and has a built in clamp for a phone mounted look.  All of these features allow this to be a lower price controller and a great starter for anyone looking to try one out.

GameSir x2

            A great starter controller with a Nintendo Switch design layout is the GameSir x2.  This controller is compatible with both iOS and Android.  The added feature is the screenshot button that allows you to capture those rare moments right on your phone.  Making this game controller a very good choice.

Nacon MG-X

            Your looking for another XBox official controller but you need it for Android, then the Nacon is your controller.  This controller has a more Nintendo Switch setup for the button scheme.  If your looking for an Android controller, that is XBox official, with a Nintendo Switch button scheme, then the Nacon is your answer.

Ps5 Controller

            The best thing about PlayStation controllers is that they are compatible with mobile phones.  Not needing to get a new controller simply for your mobile gaming is a key feature of PlayStation.  Take that into consideration when looking for a controller for your mobile device.  If you have a PlayStation then you already have your controller.

Xbox Controller

            A game console that comes form a PC manufacturer will naturally have the best overall compatibility with PC games.  This also holds true for mobile games as well.  There are official mobile controllers but nothing beats the real thing.  Controllers that you have always known today can be used for mobile devices.

            Don’t take our word for it.  Check out all of your mobile controller options out there, even try to get your console controller hooked up to your mobile gaming.  It will change your world forever.

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