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Smart Intelligent Bluetooth Sunglasses With Touch Sensor

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Intelligent smart bluetooth multi functional sunglasses with classic fashionable design. Using bone conduction technology with head surrounding sound. No need to take out your phone with new touch sensor on the side of frame makes easy for multi tasking. Totally portable to take anywhere.

With UV protecting lens, are suitable for driving, skiing, sailing, hunting, outdoors on a sunny day,fishing, cycling and other occasions, It can reduce the brightness, enjoy high-quality clarity, avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes, and better reduce the sun glare to protect your eyes.

Easy pairing via Bluetooth. Applicable to all devices that support Bluetooth, including iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and laptops. It is convenient for you to use in driving and sports.

Just touch and hold for 3 seconds to access the mobile assistant. The built-in microphone allows you to make clear hands-free calls. The speakers are located above the ears and provide you with high-quality audio. Whether you are sweating during exercise or encountering rain, you can enjoy music and talk to people without barriers.

Designed to be able to listen to the music or talk on the phone while still able to safely hear.

The sound is transmitted through the bones in front of the ears, which can reduce the external noise, but will not block the external sound. Open ear design, reduce the burden of the ear, keeping connected with the external environment and improve security while listening to music. The real bone guided speaker, protect your personal privacy and achieve worry free call.

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