Fade Shades

The undisputed classy fashionable Fade A12's. Intelligent smart bluetooth eyewear sunglasses money can buy. The only pair of shades you will ever need for the rest of your life. Once you get a pair of Fade A12's in your hands. Connect your phone, everything else will come to light why we stand by this product.

There where only a few pair of glasses made like this, not saying any name. There is even a new pair out by a certain brand that's out right now, not saying any name. But we here never lost track and being patient for the next pair of ultimate shades.

Most featured rich, sleek stylish look, and plus the price cant be beaten.



Had to see what these glasses where all about. And I have to say they really come in handy when at the store with the wife and kids.

Norfolk, VA

They will talk you to death about these glasses. They really do wear them.

Charlotte, NC