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    Basic rules and regulations that should be followed are as follows:

    1. Discussions of piracy are strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a warning, then a ban. Nothing can be done on this part. Piracy is illegal and we encourage everyone to kill it.
    2. Though every member of this forum has a freedom to fight and argue, but within certain limits. Purposely putting someone down, discouraging, abusing and other forms of similar behavior is forbidden.
    3. Spamming is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban without warning. Selling/advertising/promoting is allowed within limits. One should not start new threads for the sole purpose of selling their products.
    4. No copy-pasting stuff from other sources. This can only be allowed if a link to the source is provided at the top of the content and only a part of the material is being posted.
    5. Discussions pertaining to hacking are allowed but no software cracking discussions will be entertained.
    6. No personal attacks/insults based on caste, race, country, religion etc. will be tolerated. Doing so will result in a ban. We are human beings, not various species of animals.
    7. Posting of sexually explicit content is strictly forbidden. Usernames should NOT contain offensive words/phrases.
    8. Use of abusive language against anyone is not encouraged. Excessive use of profanity will result in warnings, and then finally, a ban.
    9. No posting of malicious links/stuff will be tolerated. We are here to help people out, not destroy their systems.
    10. The official language of this forum is English. Non English posts should be translated using Google translator and then posted.

    Everyone is given the full freedom of speech. Express/ask your thoughts/queries any way you want but make sure you don’t atleast violate the basic rules.

    We reserve the right to add/remove any rule(s) without notice but your full freedom of speech, freedom to fight and argue and the freedom of sharing your deep thoughts will never be taken away! 🙂

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