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    Professional, Diverse, Affordable, Reliable, Global

    Keep you dancing and entertained until the lights come on. To have you still talking the next day about how much of a good time you had. And the DJ was terrific.

    I provide services for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, cookouts, family reunions, and clubs. With various packages to suit any event.

    Dress to impress, I play the part. Just like a job interview your first impression is everything. I dress to the occasion for any event, tuxedo if required also.

    From start to end of your event music will be played. Exceptions for when announcements need to be made. Or ordered to stop by the purchaser for any reasons.

    Secure Date:
    In order to secure your date a signed contract and deposit is needed. By using my online billing and booking system a paper contract is not needed. And payment is also done online.
    Totally secure and safe quick fast and in a hurry. This way your contract will be your invoice. You still have a option to download your contract and print it out. If you feel more comfortable that way to.

    To ensure you, and your guest will be satisfied I do require a playlist. To figure out the type of crowd I will be playing for. Just to make sure you the client will hear there favorite songs as requested. And myself to make sure I have your special song at the same time.
    Timing is everything, depending when and where your event takes place. I like to get there a hour ahead of time. Providing a professional mobile services, many things can happen. This gives me a doorway to make your event, and my trust on first hand basis.

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