Episode #89

December 17, 2013

Down to eleven and my prediction is coming true. Kinda figured I wouldn’t be able to hit hundred by the first. My count was a few weeks off. I did calculate it in my head though. One more free a free download next week. I might just make that one just garbage so people will sign in and get them hot fires in between.

I added some real cool features so when you log in you might just stay and leave some comments. I’m debating on locking the site to get more people that’s gonna be down with me. And like what I do. I’m not complaining but to do all this and keep everything right, is a job on it’s own. Guess I just leave it in God’s hands….

Trust when I say I do get me some hits. And I’m not talking no two, three. I’m talking like round twelve hundred at time. Ah yeah that’s in one day hommie. So I do pretty good ah ah ah aahhhh!


  1. Torque – BassLyne
  2. The Dictator  – Goshfather & Jinco and Infinitee
  3. Rise – Jake Sgarlato
  4. Debrief – Charlie Darker
  5. Don’t Tread (Thomas Penton Remix) – Jake Sgarlato & Shwann
  6. Minus the T – Jake Sgarlato
  7. Superheroes – Appearance & Michael White ft. Charlotte
  8. New York City Life – MING & Tom Enzy
  9. Digital World – Sean & Bobo
  10. Buzz Kill – PIXL
  11. I’d Do You – Rachel Green & Fritz The Face
  12. Winter Anthem – Airzz & Luqiz
  13. Black Diamonds – Stars Above
  14. HEY! – Artento Divini
  15. Los Angeles – Audiobot

2 comments on "Episode #89"

  • Treymane

    December 18, 2013 (00:23)

    Let’s get back where you started at. Need some underground hip hop now.

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