Episode #87

November 26, 2013
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I believe I’m gonna fall short of a hundred mixes before the first. My goals have already surpassed on what I was trying to accomplish anyway.  This is just helping me find some total bangers in the rough. Like I said last week when I don’t plan the mix out. It just flows like man! Can you hear the mixing on in this one. Really getting into these sample decks hard. Thank it’s time for another video  may be coming soon.

Well that’s it, leave comments like pages follow me what ever y’all do who’s not a member get it in itunes also. Just search my name trust it will pop up.


  1. Cockblock – Sean&Bobo
  2. Lamborghini – We Are Presidents
  3. SummerCrash – Decca T
  4. Juggernaut – SachHaber & Montaro
  5. On Fire –  Woogie & Savagez
  6. Ultimate – Animal Music
  7. Abena –  Tony Rockwell & Artur White
  8. Tech Cartel – TroyBoi
  9. Armageddon – Laguun
  10. What Am I Doing Here – Chicane (Hyperbits Remix)
  11. Contact – LeDoom
  12. Rockstar – Tannergaard
  13. White Walker – APX
  14. 1,2,3 – DSKOTEK
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