Episode #86

November 19, 2013
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Starts off slow first, then works it way up. Seems like the mixes I plan never come out the way I thought when I plan them. But when I just say what ever and just hit record, It’s a beautiful thing in the end. So just mark this up in the archives and hope for next week.


  1. Scorpion Pit (VIP Mix) – Protostar
  2. Eggplantelope – Futexture
  3. Snow Cave – Fractal Sky
  4. Drop Dat – Up Until Now
  5. Representatives of the Racket –  WIKK
  6. Crush – Minoru
  7. Intergalactic Safari (Rygol Remix) – BuzzJunior
  8. No Contact – Visceral
  9. The Crips – Kredo
  10. Electronic Nonsense – MoonBear
  11. Come Too Far – Up Until Now
  12. Organic Bambooty – Beat Fatigue
  13. Build 7600 (Workin’ Hard) – Toer
  14. Kazilion – Gruff
  15. Rage – Panda Eyes
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