Episode #83

October 22, 2013
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Had to take a little vacation and sit back and look at everything I’m doing. Just making sure I keep my piece of mind. Even though it’s not much, but it’s mine. I’ve actually been working on putting all the track I ever made. Into one huge project in Ableton too mix up other elements. Plus bringing back MLR for on the fly sampling, and cutting on the fly.

Then comes along a lot of announcements of everything is being discontinued. So back to the drawing board for $2000 for one little mixer. Well the one i want anyway, i always go for the Don first. I set my mind to that. So when its time to go, I’ll probably end up getting the second in command. Or that jank will be on somebody’s layaway plan. Ya hear me!

For real I’m just gonna get another better interface and go straight controllerism in streets. I say that cause I ran cross this vst that’s really dope. Like I do it’s gonna make you say WOW!


  1. Trap Smoke Kush – Ratbeat
  2. Hype –  DMNDZ & Subtronikz
  3. Michael Jordan by Carnage & Tony Junior (Bare Remix) – Bare
  4. Moondust – Ianborg & Bronze Whale
  5. Bass – TrapZilla
  6. Trepidus  – Sanktum
  7. 50k In My Grill – Mace
  8. Sweet Tooth – SubtomiK
  9. Mountains – Salute
  10. Duck Season – Duwell
  11. Ya-Ba – Galarga
  12. Clap Your Hands – Troy Kete
  13. Loose Cannon – Vinnie Maniscalco & Treyy G
  14. KNK$TA – Ruxell
  15. Fresh Off The Grill – Dan Farber

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