Crabbin Episode #44

June 4, 2013
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Note the first song in the playlist. Going out to all the the Gemini’s birthday’s this month, including myself. Wednesday I do my routine for the Masters Of The Mix Va. Still in that mode where I’m just not getting any creative bug.

I know I can DJ and have nothing too prove. I still would like too show the people. What I be working on in the crib. Now my mind is totally blank :/.


  1. Gemini – USAI
  2. Going up – Fabian Cameron
  3. Digital Hype – Infrakt
  4. Let It Go (E-Cologyk Remix) – Alex Mind, Ryan Enzed & Sue Cho
  5. Fire Alarm – Oliver & Diano
  6. Joe brooks – Joe Brooks Productions
  7. The BlowJob Song (VERY EXPLICIT!!!) – Tai Davis
  8. Ampersand – Stephen Walking & Soulero
  9. The Night (Bassrock Dance Mix) – Troy D
  10. Pump It Up – Ray Mendez DJLB
  11. House Music (Vocal Edit) – J-Flo
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