Crabbin Episode #4

November 20, 2012
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I’m still taking it there.They calling me Keith Sweat right now. This another work out run around the track mix. Plus I’m just feeling it right now to be honest. I’ll be switching up for the next one to give a little taste of some underground break beats.

From here on out I might just do once a month depending on how I’m feeling. I like to do more things then just mix and download music all day.

I like trying to make tracks too.

I just made one called “In The Bed” and just had soundcloud do it’s thing to post.

When ever I get a new cover made up that will be my next album. Now I just need to come up with a name for it :). I really want this one to make me pursue more in the remix of things. And put in all the tricks I’ve learned through out my many of years just in music. “Thinking out loud.”

Well here we go number 4 ready to throw your hands up and keep the vibe moving. As usual the facebook and twitter and i also started using this site called mixcloud just for DJ’s and mixes. You can download that app on your phone if your not using itunes. Then search for me duh!, no big deal. And all of my mixes are up there except for the early ones. You can download everything from my store. Leave your comments to help me better myself.

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