Crabbin Episode #3

November 12, 2012
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Feeling real good right now everything going as planned. Only a few can tell I’m throwing in some homemade sounds in while I’m DJing. You can really get creative with your sound effects and instruments when used correctly.

I rarely get the chance to show off what I do live in front of a crowd. Suppose this podcast will at least let you hear it. Visuals is another thing I be working on also. Trying to implement that with in UStream I really haven’t took the chance to figure it out yet.

Well here it is Crabbin Episode #3 giving you that work. I just wanna make you dance for real with some feel good music. Some of it may be a acquired taste. But It’s still rocking if you ask me. A little bit of deep, electro, house mixed up like a pro should be and do.

It’s a gift how I pick and choose my music. I can do this with every genre if I had access to all of it. All you have to do is let me loose.

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Thanks everybody for supporting me and believing in me.

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