Crabbin Episode #20

February 26, 2013
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Switched the style up again from the usual. Some people say they love music and listen to everything. The average person is just lying simple fact is, why should they. What reason do they have too. Everybody has there favorite songs even myself.

Dealing with me though my favorite song is totally not on the charts at all. And you can only go to a concert hall or even a library to listen to what I like.

I’m lying LOL



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    1 Royal Spit by Doctrine
    2 No Funky For Old Men by Psyek
    3 Dont Hesitate by Spectrum
    4 Power To The People by Safra
    5 Soundbwoy Style by Thing
    6 Prehistoric Bitch by Elonious
    7 Rough N Rugged by RealTalk & Symbiotic
    8 Heavy Foota By Mister Black
    9 Subterranean by Deface
    10 System by Nu:Tone ft. Natalie Williams
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