Crabbin Episode #2

November 6, 2012
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Before I put this up, I had a talk with peoples in NY and my manager. When do you post podcast when you make them but already did a recent one? My man Smooth from NY say

Post them time you get done with them.

So my manager say

Depends how often you mix. What type of theme of podcast it is. Are you talking and adding commercial from other advertisers. Are you getting paid to do it.

Guess I’m gonna have to go about my own judgement on this one. I did come up with just making them when I do and just set the time to post. That would be good but when dealing with custom templates and hacking sometimes just don’t pan out the way you want.

This other word called dedication keeps popping in my head also. I am dedicated you can real tell that from my previous works. But setting a time to do something and not get paid for it. Even though it gives people a chance to listen to you even though they never heard of you before.

I like listening to myself, it makes me get better. Let’s go with the automatic post option.

Here we go Crabbin’ Episode #2 progressive / Electro / House mix. If you been following me refresh your Itunes and listen right now. Like my Facebook Page and follow me on twitter. Head over to the store and download both episodes right now.

Keep in mind you can sign-in using one of your existing accounts you already have. And leave your comments here also. That’s what I prefer you do anyway. Make it really simple just write a testimonial on the podcast mix you prefer also.

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    November 6, 2012 (12:51)

    Boy Boy Boy! This right hear, it’s some classics in the mix you’ll never hear on the radio. Watch what I tell ya now.

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