Crabbin Episode #19

February 22, 2013
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From here on out I’m gonna start trying to have a playlist for the next coming episodes. This will also mark when some will say, I start being professional with my mixes. My thing was not having anyone sound like me.

Suppose with that being said

who can anyway.

I have my own style that just flows. Completely my boys fault telling me I need to record time I turn the decks on. Right now it muscle movement.


# Playlist
1 Dawn Of The Agony by Dark Concept
2 More Cowbell by The Dirty Tees ft. Christopher Walken
3 Fade in the Night by Cordaz
4 Extinction by Toke (Logix Remix)
5 Fade in the Night by Cordaz (Loop)
6 Headshot by Catex
7 Domination by Xenith
8 Fire Squad by Subject 31 (Orginal Mix)Spectrum by Zedd
9 Spectrum by Zedd
10 Luigi’s Final Showdown by Killabyte (Kromly Remix)
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