Crabbin Episode #11

January 8, 2013
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I really be feeling it when I run this. I switched the system up from using the 3.8 jack from the laptop into the mixer. And started using a internal signal routing program called jackosx. I used it before, I totally just forgot about it. So the sounds with the samples and drums sound better. I did experience a dropout from my launchpad. I was going complete dumb on everything I could come up with on the fly.

When I start to do a mix all of it is live if I was out for real. My plans as of right now is to make sure I don’t have any channels interfering with each other. Even might had to route and mix through ableton to use the side chaining the audio. Simple way is to have another computer and mixer to record everything. But I wanna go mobile like this so if I’m feeling it, I’m going all the way in. Show off what I do in the crib plus I be just bored playing 1 & 2 and 1 & 2 and.


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    1 comment on "Crabbin Episode #11"

    • DJ C-LO a.k.a. BREAKFADER

      January 8, 2013 (12:26)

      Figured out the dropout, had my iphone and ipad hooked up. And my usb hub is none powered. That’s done simple 😉

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