Zion Baptist Church Appreciation

October 14, 2012
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Yes I did and had a ball. Who said church folk don’t know how to party.
The rev told me to start playing line dances cause they was ready. Sure enough the wobble sets the mood.

I have to give it up for grandma rocking the whole entire time. She knew all the dances. She had to take her breaks cause she was 60 years old. But that didn’t stop her for getting right back on the dance floor. Showing them young folks how they use to party. Dancing lifts your spirits it’s somewhere in the bible.

So now I got you wondering what did I play after all the line dances played out. It’s not really any type of secret. When there’s talent involved and people really just want to dance and have a good time. It’s really easy.

Here we go again, someone seen me djing at a party during the summertime and couldn’t believe I was doing a church function. She had to reflect on where she seen me at at first. And yep that was me. And still in shock listening to me now actually playing church music. From when she first seen me tearing it down in a backyard out Chesapeake.

After I was done with that, my church had a skating party today. At the greenbrier skating ring in Chesapeake. There’s no sweating when it comes to this. Just keeping it with the same ole two step. I had a really good time all day today on this Sunday. I really don’t like djing on Sundays. But this was all church events. So I still have my time and talent to the lord today. Might had to work on them tides next week.

Totally forgot to take some pics in the skating ring. You know how I do it.

I’m so fly!

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2 comments on "Zion Baptist Church Appreciation"


    October 14, 2012 (20:57)

    Long day but had a great time all day. And the weather was just beautiful at the sane time.


    October 15, 2012 (12:35)

    I also meant to say that I even played praise him bless him. They didn’t know it but was still rocking to it. That’s one of the tracks I made. It’s a hip hop gospel track.

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