Welcome Too My House Party

January 21, 2012
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Boy!, If I could’ve took some pics tonight. All them girls in there was tight. Its easy too play when there’s alot of half naked girls in the crib. I had a ball, I just killed it tonight.

Like I said it’s something about the rain with me. It was one fine ass p.y.t. She let me know she was feeling me. Go too the club she dancing on me. I don’t know what it is but she dancing with C. Ain’t no tipping going on round here. I go to get paid and trust when I say I was on my job.

The girls wasn’t even ready too leave yet. It was only two request tonight that was it. And one of them I thought I had but I didn’t. I’m thinking it was called something else then what they was asking for. Yeah, we know how that go. Friday night in a crib means go hard on’em. Hey I try I’m not all that though. When I feel it I feel it. Tomorrow oldie but goodies at “The whole in the wall”. :/ can’t wait til that’s over mmaaannnn!!!!!!!!!

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