Wed Reggae Static

September 8, 2011
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Up in the building tonight shut it down early. Kinda figured it would be like this anyway with the kids gone back too school. My little dub crate I made last night was alright with me. I need too tweak it alot, I’m saying I just put it together last night. Barley even went to it for real. It’s funny how I can’t find certain riddims to go with certain songs unless I’m djing for real. I don’t know that just how it be I guess. In doing that just gave me a idea on making just a reggae set in ableton. Yep so ya know what the mean. Well I’m gone I just need to sit back and think how I’m bout to approach this situation. Join my forum if you down with me. A 100 strong right now but ain’t nobody talking bout nothing.

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