Two In One Humbug

June 19, 2010

I was out cheesetown early right round 7’o clock. Police ya already know came through had to turn thee music down. So I’m rocking til ten o’clock til i get a phone call talking bout. Djing at the spot on hampton blvd. So ya know left the pool party meet up wit Bro B,even though he aint have shit. Still trying to figure that out for real. Mixed janked to again them fools cant get it like that yo let me tell ya. You can call me white boy,wack but look. When you have to change yo style up and can’t. Please just walk away. So that means i had 2 janks in one day on a humbug. This is how it should be done. Im really getting a feel for this mixed action for real. And when i do, man unstoppable.
pool party

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