The Spot

March 20, 2010

Went with hollywood last night at this club called The Spot. The inside is nice i do have to say. And up to code for that stuipd law passed bout smoking and crap, which thres was outside. The lighting pretty much sucked for VA clubs are like that. But anyway my peoples does his thing. But when 80 million people come up to you and request a song. Even though you rocking in your own wonderland. You have to look at your crowd and see what there doing. So when you have a majority of girls. Its like totally easy to play for them in my opinion. And before i for get, make it so bad one of the promoters knew me all the way back from City Lights day. Know yall already know them days where in the 90’s. yep being doing it for awhile now. Djing in general i fo-gets. i know it is a decade and some change though. So i still had a good time i needed that. Dj Efx slide through, Dj Gillitine, and Bounce Time came through also. We all put our two cents in to try and help coach the brother. Im out so i really dont know what i plan on doing tonight. But what ever i do its a must to feel on my babies.

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