Sweet 16 in Crestwood

March 13, 2011

Did my peoples daughter sweet 16 party last night. It was a sleep over slash house party. Guys had to leave at a certain time. I don’t know when that was cause I dipped out. I did my time ya know peace. As long as she had a good time I did the damn thing for real. I always do I’m just saying. Kids be online more then you and me. So it’s hard too keep up what they be listing too. And think you pose to have it. Like they in the club more then you. I guess Baltimore music is back in with them. Put yo pants on the floor and all that Miami bass for say stuff. I even used the bridge for a minute also. But the way I had it set up, I can’t do that no more. Unless I can mount the stand in front higher so I can reach the left table. And so when stuff start too get wide open. It won’t rock and hit the right turntable arm. Yep I know right. She look sexy up in there though for real.


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