Sunday Memorial Day

May 28, 2012
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My first song was at 3:18 3 something today. Pose to had started at 4.
But it was feeling good outside all day today. And just like it was feeling thats how the the people at the cookout was feeling. I keep saying this I DJ better when I know what the green is in hand. No green no performance just practice. Not to say that I’m not gonna be trying to rock it no way. But that’s what it’s gonna sound like. Cause I be trying new stuff checking to see what goes with what. For the time I stayed out there I did my thing like I do. There’s no denying my skills on any type of setup I use or have.


When I got to the club booooo. I should’ve stayed where I was at again. Next time that’s exactly what I plane on doing. Only if the people I’m djing for gonna pay me bye my hourly rate. It was alright but them in there tonight. They did not come out to party. If its cold in the a building and you have no jacket, what you gonna do to keep your self warm. Only two line dance songs they knew after curtains. So I didn’t even bother to even play the rest of them. I really thought it was gonna be rocking tonight. Well that’s the way love goes. I don’t plan on doing nothing tomorrow so if ya ain’t talking $$$$. Don’t call me, rest is the name of the game.

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