Strawberry Lane Reunion

August 7, 2011

With all this crazy weather I didn’t think I wasn’t gonna make this money today. Went out there and the clouds was just like man. I setup inside the built in porch gazebo type thing. I should’ve set up outside cause it was hot up in there. But Mrs. Vellma be having yo tail laughing so hard, you ain’t thinking about the heat. Had them green bottles ready to go for a brother. But I don’t drink anymore so hey they still gotta lot of them out there. Got to the club late tonight but ask me who was djing. I do not know man! All the birthday boy’s was playing the back. It was cool it’s just I guess I’m get older. Ha! Yeah ok right! Hehehehehe. Tell me something if a dude looks you from head to toe. What does that mean. Imma keep it clean. Sound Cache Radio

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