Sisters Of Royalty @ Interstate Bingo Hall

November 18, 2012
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It never assist to amaze me to stand out of the crowd. When I say I got it best believe I’m straight up telling the truth. First time tonight to set up the entire 10 foot light rig. And boy oh boy, she was going dumb up in there mane.


If you wasn’t there tonight you just missed it. We ain’t the best but we here with the rest. And just totally separated our selfs from the rest of them. What I’m talking right now dude. Is that the light game was on 80 million.

Them janks was bucking off up in there. I’m talking like you watching the American idol on tv homeboy. It was like that smoked out to the fullest lol.

That’s how you treat your regular customers. Show them what you got, then make them pay for it later. There will me additions added to the light show as we prosper. Just made a hard core statement tonight. Put a stamp on it, take a picture, and throw it in yo mouth.

Thank you for my bro DJ C-NIL. Called me up and was like

Yo what’s up, you got something to do tonight.

“Nope, ”

What’s up with them lights.

“Sounds good to me.”


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1 comment on "Sisters Of Royalty @ Interstate Bingo Hall"


    November 18, 2012 (04:07)

    Them last minute gigs is always good. Make sure yo budget straight before you call and ask for this action ;).

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