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November 12, 2011
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I’m trying to figure out where to start on this one. Ok so from 6-11:30pm downtown Virginia Beach at the Westin right beside the Sandler Center. A wedding reception with you know like I know the black folk that’s uppity uppity.
But then claim Portsmouth want the music hood but then don’t dance. Now that’s not the PTown I’m familiar with. But any way all I’m saying we as DJ’s don’t have super powers. We can tell stories if you let us.

The communication between the bride, groom, and the grooms mother was not good at all. Even though the mother was paying me. I thought I was pose to be catering to the bridal party. Thy the same age as me.

Then you don’t want the kids on the dance floor. So why in the hell did you bring them anyway. Bride was tired of the old stuff, and the mother didn’t wanna hear the new stuff. But then you tell me to mix it up make up your damn mind.

Then there was a playlist, yeah right set the day of the reception with one song. And all the other ones I could pick what too play. Ain’t nobody say nothing about that and I ain’t miss no beat. Then from what I heard I wasn’t even dressed correct. Now my mother told me I looked nice when I left out the crib so damn what anybody say bout that. And yes people just like your regular job we have bad days also.

You wanna judge somebody from djing outside at a park when anything goes then. And you really think it’s gonna be the same somewhere else umm no! She couldn’t even look me in my face cause she knew she was wrong. Can’t please everybody or how bout this, leave the DJ alone so he can feel you first. You just can’t jump right in from jazz to party rocking. You could if you nice like that everybody knew it.

Then people just wanna hear there song. Again won’t nobody telling me jack. Old people wanted they dusty and the young people wanted there dougie. I have one word for them but I try not to curse on my blog any one will do though excuse me lord.


So on to the next one gotta do the big shout out to Bouncetime Ent. Holding it down three parties one night Chesapeake greats all over Virginia like running water. To the bingo hall out janaf area DJ C-NIl on the ones and two’s. Ladies every where I think it was a b.y.o.b. Now that was my first time in there tonight. I didn’t even know they had a smoking section up in that piece.

I had a good time up in there tonight. Seen my fellas up on the dance floor rocking cheeks like they do. It’s was like a regular average chill nite on a Friday. But there was only one out come, somebody got T.K.O. Man I’m talking jeopardy fool dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun.

Boy when Bouncetime said that I was no more good. But they said dude got shot, but we was right there. It wasn’t fatal they say, for real it was only one shot. Sherifs right there so who do you think licked a shot then, duh. In the air to clear people out and that was it. If you trying to kill somebody with a gun you just don’t shoot one time. And be like O gotta go. I do believe dude knocked the devil out of his ass. It doesn’t pay acting all bad like can’t nobody beat you.

I may act crazy when I’m out but I’m to myself having a good time doing what I do. I speak to everybody you ain’t gotta speak back. And for you guys that wanna start wearing lipstick and tights like a trend. To show your individuality me being a god fearing MAN. I have to tell you that it’s not right. But you can go head and get in touch with your feminine side if you like.

You just make it easier and easier for me, bless yo heart. I would beat my son ass, nephews asses, and my boy cousins asses. If I catch them walking around with lipstick on like it’s cute. That’s just the devil playing his role.

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