Shrine Club

May 29, 2011
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Man this place is setup real nice. And my system was bagging that piece out tonight. Quaking like point thousand on the meters. I’m really proud of them tonight boy. It was a hard crowd too deal with tonight. But I did my thing cause no one had nothing bad too say at all. But my people’s who got me the gig told me I did a great job. So that’s all that really matters cause he was the one who was paying me anyway.

I have to make a old school mix and put it for y’all. Cause this young guy has an old soul. I like playing old school but too too old I do get lost with the beats. I know the artist it the matching of the tracks. Mixing for those who don’t understand what I’m saying. Old folks really don’t understand a DJ. Just want you to let the song ride out. And just drop the next track on time. With me hell no I ain’t doing that. I’m blending and scratching up in this here place. Bass dropping like seemore in trotter love too. Shhoooot! No cut outs just all night long bang bang bang bang. I’m bout to go too bed. Weekend is not over yet and I’m going too go get a new diaphragm in the afternoon. Due time, one side just won’t spitting the hi end out. It was always like that. Just lazy cause what I have to do to replace the damn thing. Check me tomorrow if y’all trying to ride out. “Peace!”

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