Short Notice

April 22, 2012
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This poor little laptop did its thing tonight. They don’t even make these things no more. Before I even got to the club tonight.
I had just finished like three hours before getting the files right. But some of them still didn’t pull up but I knew where they were. I need to check my old school crates for real now. I was shook for real cause I wasn’t real sure to even play what I played. That was even gonna run up right. I say this because I had to use two pocket drives to fit all my files from my Mac too the external drives. Well one of them is my back up drive and the other was somebody else’s. I’ll be ready for next week. That was a good trial run also at the same time. I’ll have my Mac fixed by the end of the summer or before. So all this week I’ll just be working on relocating files. I’ll check y’all later peace.

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