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September 17, 2011
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First time I been up in this place ever. Right off of lynhaven Rd right beside the BP bye the mall. Got a call at the last minute and it was on. Good thing I was working on my new ish for the last two weeks. First time I could go hard in a while. When the lights came on I just couldn’t help myself.

When I tried to slow it down I’m in still in burn yo ass up r&b mode. And they still saying the songs grinding like they minds bad. Good people’s up in there tonight for real. But some of them just don’t need to drink at all.

Thanks bro DJ C-NIL, and Shay letting me get down with the get down. O I only had one amp tonight. And that was the one in walked in on. Talking about a brother sucking the lead out the can damn. It was hotta up in that piece, mostly my fault.

I was feeling good tonight cause it seemed like everybody was dapping me up. Hey what can I say it’s away of life. And man I forgot to take my picture too dude. When I walked out the rain messed my thinking up. No request at all tonight either, wasn’t no need too for real.

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