Saturday Founders Inn

July 31, 2010

This was yo regular wedding reception for try to be uppidy black folks. But they still had that one crazy uncle in there ripped out his mine. It was a open bar plus not a funneral. We got down up in place that day yo. Time i come through the workers was like ahh shit we bout to party now ya’ll. Bouncetime Ent. was there did the sound plus the wedding outside wit the lil P.A. shot! It took awhile to get started but next thang i knew it was rocking. We had the big daddy’s up in there tonight.

Quaking the entire building like we in here! Passed out some mo janks evrybody like ya’ll are dj’s ya’ll funny as hell. Now that was just entertainment. We rocks shit round her pimpping ya know! Peace hit me later bye.

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