Sandler Center Downtown VA

November 14, 2010
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If you don’t know from all my tweets while I was in there. It was a old diverse crowd. Meaning old school black and white. But from my peoples on my tweets it’s like you have skills to do them type of parties. I was just surprised that it was okay but the vibe from the gate just wasn’t there. It was cool they had a violin player and everything, he’s a rev out chesapeake some where. “Cooler then a fan”.

So the only time we had to play was only for the last two hours. But my mind was blank and I was like where go take it at. Thinking about the clubs when it wasn’t like that for real. A formal event and everybody all up tight and crap. It was Bouncetime Ent. party and he knew I was like man. I even had the bridge running tonight yo for the first time. I had to cause I do have all my 80-90’s club stuff in that. It was alright I was just tired from working early that day for real.

By the time I get to the crib here comes my mama. What you play C-LO up there joking. Reading my tweets on Facebook. Well I might post where I go tonight I’ll be a surprise Hehehehe. Check out the alps cafe reggae night podcasts I got up. Or you can get all my podcast in the iTunes store. Just search my my dude and dudets DJ C-LO a.k.a. BREAKFADER. I’ll hit y’all up later and follow me on twitter earwaxent leg goo.

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