Sandler Birthday 50 year Old Party

February 27, 2011

Been a long time coming waiting on this gig. At the Sandler Center out virginia beach off of independence. One of my coworkers I use to work with Donna. Hooked me up with this party and many more before this one. So I was running around all day early. Could not get to take a nap to save my life. Then the black widow speaker I got from DJ C-NIL wouldn’t fit in my box. So I’m running trying to get tops for the night. So I get the Lil 12″ peavy from Randy of Bounce Time Ent. And hate to say that, them Lil Janks saved my night boy. For real I use his whole small set up with my amp rack. And it sounded off in that room. I can’t help it I like it loud. I like to feel the bass. And I rocked that bitch last night man. I’m talking yo, plus I was there by myself and had to move all that equipment by myself also. I sure did put it to them. But there’s always one drunk one off the gate. Asking me to play certain songs that it’s not time for. For get they watered down tail and keep banging they head out. They was tired from messing with me man. Well tune in I know it’s been awhile so the year isn’t done yet. And it’s bout to be hot outside before you know it. And it’s gonna be moving.

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