Rain On Top

March 25, 2012
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Boy boy boy, started early today. Make it so bad it was raining none stop. Seem like it stop every time I got all the equipment in the building.
Then I was running late I just couldn’t get right. But the first song was played right at the drop of the dime at 3’oclock. That was for my cousin Kim graduation party at the longshoremen hall. Finish that up then went straight to Ms Marains to Dj a, I guess a birthday party. I was rocking that piece but nobody came so all the people that was there went with us to the Kevdive Temple. And nobody had to pay to get in. Thanks to Bouncetime Ent. and how you work promotions combining a party that you know everybody gonna be at.


I had fun like I always do cause ain’t nobody helping me do nothing. That’s why I act the way I do. Bro sure did through some mixes on they ass tonight for real. And I don’t wanna even talk about Nard. Even though when you want to Dj, do you. Look at crowd no matter what the other person tell you what to play. Either play for them or just play for yo damn self. And that is not my girl either that’s DJ La Shae in the building. We go way back like the 90’s.


But yeah as you know it’s all ways one bad apple. Wanna wait right at the end to act like somebody disrespected him. I would move the age limit up for something like that. The sound system was banging dude. You could hear time you got out the car. Added a extra addition to the whole performance as you can see in the first pic. That was just a trial run to see the brightness of everything. And what is needed next. And this fool already got a fog machine and I didn’t even know. Well he use to have a fog machine lol lol lol lol. Okay that’s it I’m done I’m tired been in the rain all day. Time to shut her down, and I’ll holla at y’all my next week.


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