Queen City Day 20

July 4, 2015

I suppose the weather channel can’t predict no more then what I can do when I look outside the window.

This time was a real family and friends experience. The people that where out there today were supposed to have been out there. Kinda mad that all my cousins weren’t there but I still had a tribe of them out there.

I rocked the new setup on the porch thinking it was gonna rain. Still glad I did for not being in the sun for nine hours. Everything plays a part with myself when I DJ it just has to be right. If the setup, or sound isn’t right it takes a toll on how I play. 

During sound check the bass wouldn’t even turn on. So ok I changed the speaker cables. Now only one bass scoop is on. I check the crossover made sure everything was properly plugged in. Cool but ain’t nothing bucking off. Here we go with this crap now. Quarter to quarter cable and just jumped the bottoms together now we good. Still couldn’t bang cause now the bass is popping. The hell with it…..

After all that being said you know what time it is right. Actually I really just need some new cabinets cause the speakers them selfs are straight. But that cheap crossover is done for, it was on its last leg anyway. That will be the first and next project to replace. Come to think about it, I think it went out on me last year. I must’ve for got about it 😂.


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