Queen City Day #19

July 7, 2013
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That’s a pretty long number right defining how long I been doing this. From what my people’s told me, they could hear the music all the way at Burlingtons Coat Factory player. I didn’t know it was that many people out there by the time I road out when I was done. I like seeing my peeps I grew up with and everybody just joking and laughing getting crunked up all day.

I think next year I’m gone pass the ball to one of these youngings. Cause I really need too pursue my talent all the way with this battle action. I never got in the game to rock parties. I just wanted to be the best with the skills. As of right now I’m totally that out here. I need to get back on the road again. And put my self in these battles like I use too.

I’m like totally done for and I’m watching Bleach on the adult swim cartoon network laid out…..

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