Queen City Day 15 Strong

July 3, 2011
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In my Usher voice “Oh My Gosh” off the meat rack. Plus the DJ was killing it all night and day. Call me Al B Sure ah ah ah. Starting at 12pm had the church ceremony with all the local family church choirs. The mayor of Virginia Beach with her sweet old self had a few words too say also. The best kept secret is how she explained it. Man anyway I tore that jank down with the booming system, and the skills of a true DJ. From 3-10:30 I went in all day. When I feel like DJing I really feel it. Yesterday was my last test in troubleshooting the last part of my little rack. So in conclusion the rack is good my bass speakers wired up wrong. Cause using them yorkvilles was off the chain outside. When everything is tuned right sounding good I play good. I give you my heart and talk with the music. Whole bunch of cousins,aunts,uncles, and friends. All four streets packed up with no police all day and night long. I’m tired still legs tingling. One more night too murder and blaze Virginia too the ground. Live stream was on and popping all day also. You can watch it if I have a event planned then I’m streaming. On my website no need to go anywhere else.

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