Pythian Castle

May 15, 2011
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I was playing a hour mix walking to seven eleven by the time they got there. My peoples told me everybody was talking about me. That I done a good job, I was feeling it at first. Then I felt like I was getting sick and started coughing and stuff. I went in on them only one wiz khalief jank I ain’t have. But them fools ain’t care no damn way. Them little ass 12’s I got from bounce time did the job but. I couldn’t turn it up for some reason. I kept kicking the power button on the bass amp too hehehehehe. I moved it back. I ain’t get no request until 1:30 so what does that tell ya. Yeah I forgot some songs only two I forgot. I had my whores with me tonight also.

I getting back to my old self slowly but surely. Round this time with all these gigs lined up how could I not too. Well I’ll write y’all later peace.


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