Puff Party

April 28, 2012
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Aaaaaaaa yoooooo aight! Up in the spot and I hope pretty sure the crowd enjoyed there self for the night. Crazy light show bucking off.
All I need is too work on my programming for certain buildings. So with that being said I will be going software to control the lights. They won’t ready for me tonight, couldn’t please everybody so what are you to do. Please the majority get there tails on the dance floor and rock it. Full force all night no letting up baby. They ain’t seen no light action like that that before. Seem like they was following the lights at one time ;). Seen some of my old tidewater park people’s up in the place rocking fosho. I be thinking some times I need to talk on mic. But for what? I have really good reasons why I don’t. But I like to tell stories through songs. Man I’m lost for words tonight. For real though I did me, and what ever I try all I know. I did notice I cut my setup time down with the truss. Prewired the power and the dmx cables. So all I had to do was through the lights on it. These light got me in my own world too. I feel like a superstar DJ now hahahahaha. I’m a keep adding too its addictive. The tvs might had to wait until next year or two. Unless somebody else get ’em.

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