Promoters Sorrow

May 18, 2012
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This is what happens when you brag about stuff. And promoted for at least three weeks.
Plus asked for money to promote. It ain’t for everybody, that’s why I don’t waste my time with it. Of course your boys gonna show up. They trying to see if they can get some free drinks or half off any way. These fools came in enjoyed me the whole time they where there. Finished eating waited they thirty minutes then got up and went to Upscales:/. It ain’t that hard to tell looking right out the window at a group of cross. Ride to the shopping center across the street. What made it so bad they didn’t really want to leave. I was just banging them and banging them. They actually waiting at the door thing to see what I’m bout to play next. For now all I know somebody gotta start paying like it weigh. But hey I’m retarded I don’t know what I be talking about half the time;).

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