Pitts Family Reunion

July 25, 2010

Got up early today yo to there family reunion out a park in hampton. It was so hot out there today man i braught me a rag from the crib to wipe me down wit. Djing up under a tree for like three hours yo. Then after that fo to the garden hilton inn to do the formal. Im not gonna say how many hours i was messing wit these peoples today yo. All i know is i must have done a real food job cause a brother gotta extra tip fosho. Everybody loved me er erbody loved me. I was also feeling it tonight likw yall dont know me at all for real and just killed it. I killed it so bad they had to sit down cause they was tired yo. All i kept hearing was yo did a fantastic job. Umm yeah im what you call a DJ,not a disc jockey duh! Thought you knew somebody nicer not. Well you do now ya dig! A yo call me if ya need im right here aint going no where come get some for real. How ever you want it trust beleave dat.

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