Pipe Birthday Party

March 1, 2010


We where at the deep creek else lodge again tonight. For cuz birthday tired then I can’t explain. It was meteryocur lasnight,still. Like round 200 people or may be round 150. It was a chill night really socialize like type. But when the drinks got up in everybody. Bye 12 o’clock 12:30 that’s when it the floor started to get packed. Only reason all I can see it was mostly women on the floor. When the reggae kicked in that was curtains. Then somebody babies mama comes through and started meesing. Shut the laptop and stopped all the music. I wanted to choke the shit out of her. 31 years old acting like a damn fool,married,and with 2 boys. Stupid man why you get married for and still wanna run the streets and guys. People you need to grow up y’all are losing it these days.

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1 comment on "Pipe Birthday Party"

  • breakfader

    March 1, 2010 (02:21)

    It was posted on the first early. But it was Saturday night 2/26/10. I need wanted to find a pic first before I posted.

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