No Competition Trophy

October 16, 2011
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After a early long day on a Sunday it’s all said and done. Club Dream out Chesapeake car show with my people’s Troy and Crack. I thought I was gonna have some competition. Even though I had nothing planned cause simple fact. DJ battles here are not the real thing no way. Not what I’m use too with lots and lots of practice.

It was cool but hey I’m just saying. The person I thought we was gonna kick it and go at it with each other left. Dudes that knew just didn’t wanna go against me. I had nothing planned at all. I didn’t even have none of my old routines on me either. I did have ableton running in the back round with just the mpd 32 ready to go at a switch of a button. I’m glad I got up and this today. I could’ve stayed home though for real with no green backs. But that’s another story. Never got like a DJ trophy, trophy. Just prizes all I know. Well next time will be different and I’m not gonna battle. Only DMC’s or some major janks that count for real.

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