Ms Shena Birthday

August 19, 2012
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From the gate the van broke down. Everything was running smoothly until I get word of this.
I’m so glad I brought my single amp with me out tonight. I would’ve been totally screwed waiting on the boys to get to me. Those are the trials that we go through being mobile DJ’s.

The party was beautiful plus no rain at all, all night. I was on straight thrash mode all day. Even with the jazz while they was eating. I mean seriously for real if the crowd go wow off of jazz. I’m doing the thing.
So by the time Ms Shena wanted to bring everybody up for those who birthday was in August. I played her main three songs she wanted first. Then took to her playlist to make it a night to remember that lightskin guy with dreads that dj’ed. Her party and through fire on the building. Feeling myself its my world.


Yeah that’s right had the lights bucking off up in there to night. Now I know I made a good investment when I got those. I was worried that the beams would reach far to see the gobos. Crowd memorized just looking at the lights. Then listening to me run this piece. Man I’m through all I have to say is. I love all my family everywhere. No matter where or when I get to see them.

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