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May 21, 2011
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Everything was in the air tonight. You name you could smell it, hear it, see it. It wasn’t even a full moon tonight out of all the nights. I was feeling good tonight too boy. I messed one mix up though I can’t front. Didn’t let that hold me back though. My bra bra and I rocked Fo Sho.20110521-031034.jpg
It’s was majority girls then guys also couples I don’t like them. Out of towners where they came from I’m guessing Hampton lmao. It was a good night til now this one part. Everything else that when on you just had to been there. Meaning you missed the Jammy jam. Anyway everybody gone we packing up. Now we loading up get to the last speaker this mother fucker. Slams the speaker down on my controller sitting right bye the fucking door in the back. I don’t curse on my blogs but I’m really fucking pissed yo.20110521-031049.jpg $800 gone down the fucking drain jut as quick and easy like that. If I can’t get another controller bye the end of the summer. I’m gone be really pissed. Now I’m out of one piece I take care of my shit. I still got shit since I first started this shit. I don’t pawn nothing yo. I not going to bed until guitar center opens up or call somebody from native instruments too see if I’m out back or not. Maybe it was my fault but damn man. Does anybody pay attention these days. Surrounded by fucking children. Excuse me for my language I’m really upset. Now I have to still take these damn turntables out. And I was trying to eliminate that but still have my cutting action on. Shouts out to C.M.G. And everybody who came out and support tonight.

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