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December 11, 2011
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Man we in this jank acting up from the gate as you can see. I had to get my planking on dude 😀 Hahahaha haaaaaaaaa!
It was old school all night tonight. That’s how you switch your style up from one week to another. People I use to work with and straight Q.C. in the building party rocking. I know I played some stuff tonight that brought them back when they had milk on there toughs. After all the hard work I put in during the week with my crates. I goes in there power up, and nothing saved :/. I was straight totally in a zone, but had to pace my self. Cause I had so much old school stuff I wanted to get off it was ridiculous. I hope everyone enjoyed there self tonight. If they didn’t I know I did. Recap* here goes the setup.

I didnt even hook up all the lights it would have been over kill. Didn’t even need the bass at all cause they was saying the music was to loud bye 8’o clock. I didn’t even have to run ableton tonight I was comfortable on who I was djing for regardless. So hey that’s it I’m out check me out later on…..what ever you can catch me at. Support local music and buy album 0:-).

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