Morphine Musiz @ Static

August 12, 2013
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I don’t know about everybody else but, I made me some new connects. I kept it on some straight fresh tracks beats action. We did start late cause I totally didn’t know what was going on. Think I should’ve just took over cause everybody wanted to get on the mic. Second to the last act fat boy drops the mic. Well it slipped out his hand I’ll give him that. But still performing and being a professional even as a mc does take work. Oh yeah the tore up now anyway. You wanna B need to go chill with somebody who deals in audio. Work on showcase etiquette and pay attention to the stage setup. And make eye contact with the crowd not your homeboy.

Ringo had this song with the girl. She can blow her tail off, she sounded beautiful. I got me some underground VA action for real. All them CDs that where left tonight. Check I got those, what I pose too left them there. Right! Check the podcast homie :).

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