Memorial Saturday Day

May 30, 2011
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So I got up and went too alpha music and got me a rx22 diaphragm. Hit guitar center for some new records, and I brought some new needles. Went back to the crib too download one song. Left hit the reception all setup quick.

Went back to the crib took extra stuff out the truck I didn’t need for the day. Went to the park behind the great steak house off of military highway. Stayed there for two minutes to many youngings out there. Bounced and hit Granby street to go too the park over there by the zoo. Where they had the softball game. Got there gave Bouncetime Ent. A break cause he was out there early. Left that jank, then went back too the reception hall. Played there for only 2 hours got out like nine. Then went straight to the club.

During all of these transactions I was on time. Y’all know how I roll anyway. Made it so bad I rocked off of bounce time laptop at the club tonight. All night long so that just let you know how the skills are. Dude…dude…duuuuddeee. I’m tipping. I’m out what’s next holla.


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