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February 4, 2012
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Friday night and we like too party. I’m not even gonna say why I had to start off with the jazz tonight. And then had to run through every last line dance song I had. Except for the country music stuff for real :P.

Only thing that was in there tonight was nothing but women. You had your good the bad the pretty and the ugly. Man I could not find all my breaking music. Like secret weapon, united kingdom, um um…..music make me lose control all that. Didn’t really matter cause here they come. Cause they couldn’t hang all night with me. So you know ran through that AV8 crate.

All it was like a 80’s late 90’s, 2000 party action tonight if you ask me. One O’clock hit went in and I gave the rookie a chance also. I don’t do them six-eight hours and get paid pennies, not I I’m not the one. The old people love me I know that much. I just like playing old school anyway. Still haven’t played the same yet, just don’t know how. Off the top as always look at these MoFo’s hehehehehe.

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