Longshoremen Hall

February 21, 2010

Lastnight was over the compacity that they couldn’t even let people in who braught tickets. Over for that matter to let my peoples in to help us move our shit at the end of the night. By the time they said okay they was gone and felt like asses. But yo it was huge yo 300 people in one building. Free food b.y.o.b. action. Sound was hitting like wow she was showing off with us. Them old folks in there excpeted for us to cater to them. Hell naw! We did but they wanted when they wanted. Not knowing its a process you have to go through before you get to that point. Then shortie talking bout get the people on the floor. They just started to walk in the door damn. I’m feeling myself its early. Everybody drinking and eating I’m still running nothing but the hottness. Cookout statis baby where you at and crap. When you play stuff like that. You already know ain’t no going in the way you want to like at a club fosho. We rocked that old school shit though. Cupid shuffle was played lastnight man I mean come on. I just don’t get it sometimes. If somebody post a pic somewhere ill let y’all know. My phone was dead from the gate. So I couldn’t do nothing but look at these beautful people all night. Why do people come out and sit in the chair all night. I don’t get that either.

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2 comments on "Longshoremen Hall"

  • admin

    February 24, 2010 (12:48)

    Off the rockers man.All night long just was thinking about it.

  • admin

    October 27, 2010 (14:12)

    I’m not really into the hardware thing any more unless its deals for playing out loud in front of a crowd.

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